I had dreamed of finding a Montessori program as lovely as the one I worked at for 10 years back home and NMS has met and exceeded all of my expectations! Our daughter is loved and learning what it means to be a kind friend, a great helper, and part of an extended family! Being a working parent can be so tough and I often have bouts of “mom guilt”, but knowing that her days are filled with so much joy and amazing experiences makes it so much easier to be away.
— Brooke Glassburn
It is important to us that our children have the freedom to study in depth the topics that interest them the most, that they are encouraged to be independent thinkers, ask tough questions and seek answers for themselves, that they take responsibility for themselves, their education and their environment. Additionally we love that they learn peaceful resolution of conflict, leadership skills and the emphasis of the philosophy on intrinsic motivation. We believe that a Montessori education is the biggest gift we can give our children.
— Asia Lem
We discovered Northside when we were searching for a school setting that would support a child’s independence and unique interests, while also providing challenge and rigor. We have stayed at Northside because we see how our child develops academically, socially and emotionally in ways that point toward being a happy, successful adult.
— Dana Harrison
Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to observe the classroom today! I knew I was going to be impressed, but I didn’t realize how moving it would be to see our daughter and others working and learning in such a calm, ordered, and loving environment. Observing your school was almost like an extensive mindfulness exercise for me, I felt more calm and relaxed after being there, which made me so incredibly thankful that she is there everyday. I was especially impressed by how friends are given the opportunity to help each other as much as possible and frequently seek that out. I was in particular impressed by how a teacher’s brief, nonverbal correction to some friends moving slightly more quickly and noisily in the classroom was simply her presence with a serious, but neutral expression, and was not accompanied by a “look,” which I had expected, but learned was completely unnecessary, resulting in a much more respectful interaction. Thank you so much for all of you do, I’m so thankful our daughter is at NMS!
— -Montessori Parent
What you have done for our children and their development means more to us than you probably know. We appreciate all of the love and guidance that you have shown them. When they grow to become the fantastic people we know they will be, we will have you and your school to thank. We truly believe that.
— Jill and Rob